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May 1, 2009
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May 3, 2009
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"Greatest freak out ever" is a Greatest Freakout Ever episode from season. It was originally uploaded to YouTube on May 1, 2009 and re-uploaded to YouTube on May 3, 2009.



Jack Quire tells the viewers that his brother Stephen's World of Warcraft account has been deleted by their mother, and that he is flipping out. Jack runs into Stephen's bedroom, and places his camera in the corner of the room, then runs out of there while laughing joyfully. Stephen walks into his room, slams the door shut, walks around for 2 seconds, and frantically wiggles around on his bed, freaking out and screaming. Slamming himself into the bed twice while making even more sounds, he covers himself with his blanket, yelling about himself running away and never coming back. He pulls the blanket off to reveal he took off his shirt and pants, leaving his boxers on. He walks into his bedroom closet, walks back out, and frantically wiggles on his bed screaming again, before taking a remote and shoving it right up to his butt. He breaks down, and then slams a shoe on his head several times. He does more frantic wiggling while squealing like a pig, until his father says, "Dude, shut up". He gets up, punches his bed, and gets out of his room. Jack runs up to the camera and retrieves it while laughing about what just happened.


  • The moment when Stephen shoves his TV remote up his butt has become quite popular among fans of the series, with many of them posting comments like "At least he didn't shove *item name* up his butt!"
  • This video quickly became a massive success and very popular on the internet since its release. It currently has over 90 million views.

Cultural References

Greased-Up Deaf Guy and Jasper of Calendar
  • Jack was saying at the beginning of the episode talking about "World of Warcraft", it's for online game into the computer.
  • In Stephen's room, you can see the calendar is Greased-Up Deaf Guy and Jasper from "Family Guy". The calendar was for the year 2008, however this video was likely recorded in 2009.


  • At 0:36, you can also see when Stephen took his black shorts off and he should've cover blanket himself to his back.


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