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May 3, 2009
Date Posted:
October 29, 2009
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"Greatest freak out ever (The After Math)" is a Greatest Freakout Ever episode from special.



Jack show his brother a "World of Warcraft" video, but he didn't get the reaction he thought, he would. But Stephen's up in the tree and he's been there for good 4 hours. Jack was calling Stephen "squirrel boy" when he says "Yeah, and stop calling me squirrel boy!" He won't get out of the tree because Jack embarrassed him at school. Jack was telling Stephen "3,000,000 people wanted know why you shoved a remote up your butt." but he didn't, Stephen was flipping his brother off when Jack keep saying him "Squirrel boy" he needs to stop calling him squirrel boy. Stephen probably did bang his head with the shoe, because Jack made him mad. Stephen doesn't care about his plush boo bear, he play with his plush boo bear when he was 7. He gets closer the camera Jack was calling him squirrel boy once again and Stephen says "QUIT calling me squirrel boy!" and hits the camera to the ground.


  • Jack shows students about the video of the first "Greatest freak out ever" episode, Stephen reacts to this by hiding up in a tree.
  • From this special, Stephen play with Boo Bear when he was probably 7 years old in 2000.
  • Jack calls Stephen a Squirrel Boy, which it was a reference to the T.V. show from Cartoon Network.


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