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June 26, 2009
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"Greatest freak out ever 2" is a Greatest Freakout Ever episode from season.



Stephen is playing a game online but someone keeps betraying him, and he doesn't know who it is, though Jack reveals he is on his mom's laptop and that he is the one who is messing with Stephen. Stephen freaks out on the computer by yelling out "STOP FREAKING BETRAYING ME!" and "FREAKING STOP!" Stephen's mother then orders him to turn off the computer, but Stephen tells her to yell at the guy betraying him instead. Afterwards, Stephen yells out "I... WILL KILL YOU, AND EAT... YOUR FIRST... BORN... CHILD!" at the unknown player (Jack) after he does something that angers Stephen so much. Jennifer then tells Stephen to shut off the computer again. Finally, Stephen turns off the computer as Jack quietly laughs.


  • Someone keeps betraying with Stephen, for the 20 times and he gets off the computer.


  • This is a 2nd time that Stephen has shirtless sitting down playing the computer, same as the "Greatest freak out ever" being first.

Cultural References


  • When Stephen gets off the computer, walks into the dining room and says "What?", when you can't hear Jennifer's voice talking to Stephen in the dining room and he didn't want to get off.


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