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March 8, 2010
Date Posted:
March 18, 2010
Created by:
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"Greatest freak out ever 9" is a Greatest Freakout Ever episode from season.



Stephen and Jack are watching Ultimate Fighting Championship, because they are not dominating. Until when Stephen yells to say "OH, MY GOD!!!" They know he got lucky, Stephen was rewind it to show Jack to see Stephen's TV, but Jack barely even tapped them. Stephen angrily punches a hole in his bedroom door, then he threw wood stick at Jack until he says "Oh, AAH!!! Dude, freakin' stop." He needs to get out of Stephen's room until he says "Say if you got lucky." After constant yelling, Stephen angrily storms out of the room, yelling for Dad, telling him "he freakin' lost". The video then ends with Jack grabbing his camera, laughing and then leaving the room.


  • Stephen wears UFC gloves.
  • Punch the panels out of his door.
  • This is the only Greatest freak out ever episode that Jack doesn't tell the viewers about his brother Stephen was doing in the 9th episode. Originally, the whole beginning part was cut off because it was too long.
  • There was the aftermath video where Jack telling the viewers to thanks all subscribers for watching his videos.



  • This episode was released in March 18, 2010, where Jack didn't posted at March 8, 2010 for 10 days ago.
  • This episode when you can't hear Ultimate Fighting Championship boxing game on TV because Stephen told his brother Jack to mute the sound on TV that Jack don't want any copyright issues on YouTube.


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