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July 18, 2012
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"Greatest freakout ever 24" is a Greatest Freakout Ever episode from season.



Stephen was done with the batmobile and he can't drive all the way to California, it might be at 2,000 miles or 1,900 miles. David was telling with Stephen about comic con, but he must be watching Batman show and I hope David says "It's stupidest s***, that's stupidest show I've ever heard. You're not going anywhere." And Stephen won't go anywhere until he says "I'm going to Comic-Con!" He just want to go to Comic-Con when David's going to kick Stephen butt. Jennifer saw Jack's camera to see when she gets out of the couch and she told Jack to say no.


  • Stephen sells his car to take the batmobile to Comic-Con.
  • Jack makes Stephen a joke about Robin from "Batman" that Robin is going to say.
  • Now that you can hear an old scary clock chimes that can give you nightmares.
  • Stephen sold his car so he can buy the seats for the Batmobile. And then his dad attacked Stephen because of he kept yelling at him and his mom. Jack was gonna record them fighting, but their mom found out and took the camera away from Jack.


Cultural References

  • Now you can see Stephen was wearing a neon "Sesame Street" shirt with Bert and Ernie on it.


  • When Stephen swearing at his father to say "I'm going to Comic-Con!" until he gets out of the couch when David says "You better watch your mouth." But Stephen didn't even swearing.
  • This video has been removed because his mother deleted it on YouTube, but Jack took this video back up.


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