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This article is a transcript of the Greatest Freakout Ever episode "Greatest freakout ever 26" from season, which posted on December 31, 2012.

  • Jack: Okay, I keep ringing the doorbell and Stephen's trying to watch SpongeBob. It's bothering him and it's pretty freakin' funny. (Shushing)
  • (Doorbell Ringing)
  • Stephen: Oh, my god! That is so obnoxious. Who was doing that? Jesus Christ. (Stephen opens the door, looking outside, goes outside and Jack's locking him out) Let me in!
  • Jack: (Laughing)
  • Stephen: You're not funny.
  • Jack: (Laughing): Oh, my god. There's so much snow outside.
  • Stephen: Let me in. MOM!!
  • Jack: Oh, my god. (Laughing) Where's he going? Oh.
  • SpongeBob on TV: I'm sorry, Mr. Krabs, we thought it was one of your stories.
  • Mr. Krabs on TV: I'm losing business, because you thought I was telling one of me stories?! Why, this makes me so angry! I could just... just... just... ahhh! (Mr. Krabs' anger gives him a creepy Face Freeze, a freezing noise is heard in the background on TV)
  • (Laughing at where Stephen walking in the snow)
  • Mr. Krabs on TV: NO, I can't move my face. I've got a Face Freeze too!!
  • Jack: Oh, my god!
  • Squidward on TV: What is the hold up in here?
  • SpongeBob on TV: Wait Squidward, don't get worked up you could get the Face Freeze!
  • Squidward on TV: Face Freeze!
  • Jack: Run!
  • Squidward on TV: Krabs too! ha ha ha!! (Begins laughing hard) This is so rich!
  • Jack: He looks pretty angry.
  • Squidward on TV: (Begins laughing very hard and he too gets a Face Freeze and a other freezing noise is heard in the background on TV)
  • (Stephen banging his hands on the window)
  • Stephen: Oh, JACK! MOM!
  • (He hits the window causing the picture to fall on the floor)
  • Jack: (Laughing)
  • (He hits the window again, causing the dog's toy to fall on the floor)
  • Jack: Oh, my god!
  • Stephen: I'm gonna kick your butt! MOOM!!
  • Jack: All the doors are locked. (the Victorious new episode promo is on TV in the background)
  • Stephen: Mom! (the Victorious new episode promo is still on TV in the background, Stephen flips his brother Jack off with both of his middle fingers) SCREW YOU!
  • Jack: (Laughing)
  • Stephen: Let me in! (that promo from Nickelodeon is still on TV, the announcer says "Followed by a brand new Marvin Marvin.") Let me in!
  • Jack: Is it cold?
  • Stephen: Put the camera down, let me in.
  • Jack: What? (Stephen's bangs head on the window) I-I can't hear you.
  • Jennifer: What is going on?
  • Jack: Ha, ha, ha.
  • Jennifer: Jack.
  • Jack: Who can't go.
  • Jennifer: Oh. (She lets Stephen in)
  • Jack: He was banging his head on the window.
  • Stephen: YOU'RE NOT FUNNY! (voice crack)
  • Jennifer: Jack.
  • Stephen: YOU'RE NOT FUNNY! (Stephen hits Jack's camera) You're not freakin' funny, seriously you know.
  • (The video has been stopped)

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