The lost of the YouTube series Greatest Freakout Ever.


Screenshot Episode# Title Original Upload
Greatestlost1 1 "Greatest freak out ever 3 (FAKE)" June 29, 2009
Stephen ripping his black shirts off.
Greatestlost2 2 "Greatest freak out ever 6 (FAKE 1)" July 31, 2009
Trying to let go of Stephen's door handle.
Greatestlost3 3 "Greatest freak out ever 6 (FAKE 2)" July 31, 2009
Locked in Stephen's room.
Greatestlost4 4 "Wafflepwn sells heroine!!!" October 24, 2011
Stephen telling this YouTube User, D3stined4Glory and his black friend Jesse while he's on his black car.

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