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August 1, 2014
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"Stephen And His Bat Car" is a Greatest Freakout Ever episode from special.



It's about 10:00 at night, Stephen's trying to drive his batmobile to McDonald's once again, because that is not legal on the street and he might be able to get in trouble, Jack was filming to harassing with Stephen when he says "Dude, seriously, you’re like freakin' harassing me right now, I’m on my phone." Stephen was supposed to use other car to drive, he has to go to McDonald's and he just took off.


  • Stephen's going to McDonald's for the second time and his father won't let him use their car, he use batmobile.
  • Stephen was using his batmobile going to drive into the McDonald's, he wasn't allowed to drive it on the streets and that is the law.
  • You can look at this flame on the backside of batmobile and Stephen was going to take off.


  • You can see Stephen's iPhone screen was on and he weren't even talking on his phone.
    Stephen Was On Phone Errors


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