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Tara Marlow

Tara Marlow

Hair Color:
Trafalgar, Indiana
Indian Creek Senior High School (class of 2014)
Jack Quire (boyfriend)
Ashley Murtlow (best friend)
Bridget Marlow (sister)
Her boyfriend Jack Quire, playing her guitar to singing her songs, kissing her boyfriend Jack Quire, hanging out with her boyfriend Jack Quire, watching her boyfriend's Internet show "Greatest Freakout Ever" videos that she laughs at Stephen for being a freakout man
First Appearance:

Tara Marlow is the Jack's girlfriend. She is a nice love relationship of Jack Quire.


Tara Marlow is a protagonist of her videos playing her songs that are made by somebody and start singing songs by her guitar, she singing her songs like Hallelujah, New Soul, Hero, Riptide, Thinking Out Loud and Bad Day. She loves her boyfriend Jack Quire that he's a nice man for uploading his videos and his Internet show on YouTube called "Greatest freakout ever."


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