Left Arrow Lost Gallery Transcript

This article is a transcript of the Greatest Freakout Ever episode "Wafflepwn sells heroine!!!" from lost, which posted on October 24, 2011.

  • Stephen: I'm selling your heroine. I-I went to the buy my heroine.
  • Boy #1: What's your name?
  • Boy #2: Wait, what's your name?
  • Stephen: Stephen Quire.
  • Boy #2: Well, duh, Stephen Quire.
  • Stephen: Yeah.
  • Boy #2: That famous?
  • Stephen: Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
  • Boy #2: Oh, no! (Acting like a monkey)
  • Stephen: Remote? And I sell heroine.
  • Boy #2: Are you sell your heroine?
  • Stephen: Yeah.
  • Boy #2: Oh. I wanna buy some heroine for you.
  • Boy #1: I want some heroine for you.
  • Boy #2: Oh, look.
  • Boy #1: Can you slam the heroine back?
  • Boy #2: Yeah.
  • Stephen: It's really, good heroine.
  • Boy #2: Can you rub it on your nuggets before you give it to me?
  • Stephen: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
  • Boy #2: Oh!
  • Boy #1: Yes.
  • Boy #2: Yeah, Stephen boss.
  • Stephen: Like my Chicken McNuggets or I like special list.
  • Boy #1: Oh, my god.
  • Boy #2: Stephen Quire, apologies, oh yes. I wanna mess sweat.
  • Stephen: Oh, yeah.
  • Boy #2: Come on, oh, yeah, oh yeah.
  • Stephen: Really, really good heroine.
  • Boy #2: Yummy.
  • Boy #1: Heroine.
  • Stephen: Like, heroine, asking like... not like, some sort of weird like turn that could use now days I mean heroine when I was in a drug.
  • Boy #2: Mmmmmmm.
  • Stephen: I do heroine.
  • Boy #1: (Laughing)
  • Boy #2: He has heroine, guys. You heard that?
  • Stephen: Crap cocaine.
  • Boy #2: Crap cocaine! Oh, yeah!
  • Stephen: I will go kill a baby!
  • Boy #2: You going? Hey, you do day.

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